Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Anna and 'That Tumbling Six'

Of Anna (and those I feel similarly of):

Makes me feel for a better sense of my whole-thing of being blah the such. Okay, so sometimes I don't exactly see because of my focus on other things.. and because of that I don't realize that I may come off as something else.. especially with Anna and those I feel similarly of: (Robert and Jho.. but hardly, if any.. Gil, Jon & Mitch.. but only on a good day.. and to a lesser extent is the Rubes and Wyn.. Wyn only less because I haven't talked to her in such a long time and I just now knew that.. Anyhow-and-no-I-didn't-forget-the-end-parenthesis-thing, I-left-it-out-just-because

Uhmn.. I got bored of thinking about that, actually. But I like Anna and she's what made me write of now since 1) I have a semi-plan on the 'Six' topic: I'm going to do everything like I wanted and not worry of making not-good things since that's never a possibility for myself. I am not capable of making something not-pretty, obviouslyObviously. I trust Anna knows me well enough to know I'd always do well whatever my decision, and that's what I've decided: : : : To trust Anna into and doing of what I want and myself.

Oh, and there was a '1)' so I guess I should make a '2)'; 2) I do miss her! Not because she's in Japan again, but because we've both been busy a while before her trip and busy with schooling and her testing and I think she's done a wonderful job with her life thus far. I also think she doesn't give herself enough credit for her mind.

Anna, you needn't be a visionary to be important to someone or make an impact on the world.

Anna, you like good things. You know good things.
You don't need to MAkE good things to be wonderful.
You know what they are >> just as important / or more.
Some do and make without knowing the value= What good is that?

Anyhow, you're precious, my dear!

Annnd my 'k' key is broken. I've pasted every one and might have forgotten one or more- /disclaimer.

+this is much longer than expected
+more of a letter-ish type thing
+ almost spontaneous
+i like even numbers