Thursday, June 16, 2005

¿yesterday.. and the other one?

Ahem! So.. I want to write of what happened these past days, but I've told the stories to 2 people already (and contrary to popular belief, I don't like my repetive-ness. ha!). I think I'll write it in as a memory.. much later.. of course. Hmn. Yes. I shall, will, and do.

Anyhow- I also wanted to start writing of what will happen tomorrow, and what has already happened today, but I can't much figure how to word it without seeming faux-Camus. Ew. haha No that there's much disgust of Camus, but I wouldn't want to seem all fanatical, either. He's probably a nice guy, but.. I don't know.. maybe I'm putting too much thought into this. Hm. That's odd, too.

So, let's give it a try anyhow:

Someone really / literally / in all truths died.. either yesterday or today.. I'm not sure when they unplugged him. I don't think it's rude of me to suggest to sister that they should plug him back in for a day so that we can keep our lunch I'd planned over two weeks ago. He's my father's uncle. I didn't know him too well. He didn't speak more then 10 English words. I have a memory of him dancing with his wife (who makes gorgeous garlic rice) in his daughter's backyard. As lame and blah as that seems, it was actually really sweet. They weren't dancing all romantic-like, they were dancing like two pudgey wrinkled old folk. It was funny.. especially since they were surrounded by drunken family and sober music. It was cold that night too.. and the kids still swam because they were visiting from over 10 hours away and didn't have access to a pool.

They're good kids.. even though they ate their watermelon slices with lime juices. They have a 14 year old sister. She's deaf and blind (both on the right side). I'll call her Sassafrass, because she'll come up again when I write on my hilarious / lovely mother. Oh, there's also a 16 year old sister.. She's pregnant by a 24 year old man. Their immediate family doesn't see anything wrong with that.. because they're getting married (or, are married by now, actually). The 9 year old is named Marco. It suits him perfectly.

..and no. I have no idea where I am going with all of this.

Anyhow, back to tomorrow.. That's the funeral. I've always thought that funerals were much prettier (aesthetically) then weddings. Not in a morbid way, just visually. Everything is pretty and calm. Not all flashy and bumpy / with buldges and noise. Everyone looks so much nicer in black, also.. sophisticated, classy, martini!

And this leads me to what was on my mind when I started writing this: Which black skirt will I wear? Hmn..